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In the month that Aaron left everything was peaceful. From the cold mountains of Dante's Freezer to the beautiful valley, where Hunter's people lived. Even in the temple things were peaceful...except for Spyro and Cynder. Since the night they mated, a certain awkwardness was felt between them. What had they done, was it normal, and what did it all mean? Even though they spoke with Aaron and Ignitus before, it just didn't seem enough; something made both think about it, almost if...they regretted it. These were the questions flowing through their heads as they thought of that night. They didn't want to risk hurting the other's feeling's with asking this and they were too embarrassed to ask the elders, it didn't help that they also thought they might get in trouble. The elders themselves knew very little of the awkwardness, but they would see something tension between the two, but it was hard to as they only watched and supervised their training. During other times they kept away not wanting to be nosey and interrupting their privacy, as well as wait for his return, which worried everyone since he had been gone for so long with no word from him or even the chronicler, but they knew if something went wrong they'd get word so they patiently waited, mostly Spyro and Cynder for he seemed always the one they could talk to, not as a teacher but as a friend.

"I hope she enjoys this." Spyro thought to himself as he often did when he left little things to show he still loved Cynder, this time it was a carefully made breakfast he left by her bed. Since she had gone back to her room they had only been able to see the other during training or at random times during the day. He sat in the storage room as he prepared his own meal, his mind wondering back to the morning of that night of how they woke up, barely speaking a word to the other as they left to train. They had said they loved the other, but was what they did a way to show it or something else. They know of ways to show they did, but didn't know that if what they did was a way. He sat there, his mind wondering as he stared blankly at the food on the plate in front of him.
In Cynder's room she had woken up to the smell of something delicious. She looked over to see a tray set with a wide assortment of fruit, each having a cold sheet of ice, giving each a glow in the sun light. She smiled knowing it was Spyro who did this. She reached over a grabbed a big red berry and placed it into her mouth, the ice melting and sending down a cool flavored liquid down her throat, the reason why she loved it when he froze the berries like that. She threw another berry into her mouth as she thought. "I hope I did nothing wrong." She wondered, as she swallowed the berry and its juices. She continued to eat, her mind trying to figure out, as she tried too many times, to figure out what exactly she and Spyro had done.

While they ate and thought, the elders waited patiently in the vision room, talking amongst each other. "One of us needs to go and see what has happened, Aaron said he would send us some kind message every once in a while, but not once have we received any in the month he's been gone!" Volteer spoke, quickly with worry in his voice.
"We don't know if something has happened." Ignitus spoke, his voice calm but loud.
"We don't know if something hasn't happened to our friend, for all we know he could be" Cyril silenced as Ignitus gave him a look, one he had never seen on his friend.

"I'm afraid to say he's right Ignitus, but like you said Cyril we don't know." Terrador spoke, his eyes watching Ignitus.

"I know." Ignitus sighed, calming himself down as he closed his eyes and lowered his head.
"The best we can do is"

"All we can do is go and see what is going on! If something has happened we know we're at a bigger lost!" Volteer cut him off. "I know none of us want to accept this, but there's so much out of our control already, we need to know now if this is something else we've lost."

"Since when have we been in control!?" Terrador spoke loud to get his point through. "None of us are, and surely not Malefor. We may have lost a few villages, but that doesn't mean we've lost the fight! And we all know something can't happen to Aaron while he's with the Chronicler."

"But what if the Chronicler has lost Aaron to Malefor. We know Malefor had control over him once before just like Cynder, we don't know if he can't be taken again." Cyril spoke, his voice angered. "Malefor's power knows no bond from what we've seen in the last few months, who knows if it's grown enough to take Aaron back or not!" He hated it, but he knew it was the truth, as well did everyone.

Soon an argument broke out between the three elders, only Ignitus stayed quiet, thinking to himself, but the more and more the others argued the less concentration he had. He tried his hardest to think as they kept arguing; his patient grew to the limit.
"For all we know they could both be dead!" Cyril's voice broke through, snapping Ignitus.

"Shut it, all of you!" His voice louder to rise above all their voices, his eyes open, his mouth hanging open as flames leaked out as he breathed. "That is one thing that I will not permit! The talk of death is over!" He stood up. "We all know they are both alive, no if, ands, or buts about it." His eyes moved over everyone, his glare keeping them quiet. "I know of all that's happen, but that should not hurt our belief that there is hope!" His voice no longer carried anger, but concern. "Spyro and Cynder are growing stronger each day, proving we have a chance, and we all know Aaron is doing the same thing." Everyone looked down, knowing he was right. They were losing hope, which is something they couldn't do.

"Someone should at least go, to see if everything is okay and make sure his training is going strong." Volteer raised his head up, a smile on his face as he looked out over everyone.

"Why go check on someone who is already here." They all looked at the pool of visions to see Aaron sitting on the outer ring of it.

"Aaron! Thank the ancestors you are alright." Ignitus replied with relief.

"Sorry to have worried you all, but the Chronicler said I couldn't have any contact with the outside world while I trained." He said back as he stood.

"What did you find out, and what did you train upon?" Cyril spoke, asking the question everyone was wondering.

"Can't say, at least not yet, but I didn't find out much." He brushed back his longer hair before slipping his hand into his pocket. "Where are Spyro and Cynder?"

"In his room most likely." Ignitus spoke. "Go and see him, we can talk later with more pressing matter."

"Wait, what do you mean more pressing matter? What happened since I left?" He spoke, his face showing confusion.

"We lost several villages to the north, but there's no sign they even existed when we go and check. It's like they just disappeared." Terrador spoke, his voice showing disappointment.

"There's not much we can say, for we don't know what is happening. Those who escaped from the village saw nothing, but knew something was coming so they fled. No lives have been lost, but this development has concern us." Ignitus spoke, shaking his head.

"Seems while I was training, Malefor had recovered, and trained as well." Aaron responded back, his hand under his chin as he thought.

"Enough of the bad news, you're back, we should celebrate, after you go see Spyro and Cynder, now go." Ignitus spoke, breaking the saddening silence with a smile. Aaron nodded with his own smiles as he ran out of the room. He headed down the hall, his eyes open for Spyro or Cynder.

"Knowing those two they are in his or her room so-" He stopped as he bumped into Spyro who was carrying a full tray of fruit. "Spyro!" He spoke with happiness. Spyro turned and smiled.

"Aaron, you're back!" They both hugged for a moment before Spyro cleaned up the fruit that spilled onto the floor. "You seem stronger." He said, as he finished cleaning.

"You too, and healthier." He smiled as he sat on the ground.

"Well I haven't had you here to nearly kill me with failing." They both chuckled as Spyro sat, eating his fruit. "What did you train in?" He asked after swallowing a big blueberry.

"Can't say, at least till I show you. By the way, where's Cynder?" His question froze Spyro as he stared down at the plate.

"She's fine." He continued looking down at the fruit on the tray.

"What happened? Did you two break up?" He asked, almost seeing the sorrow eradiating off Spyro.

"No, just…it's been awkward being with her." His attention stayed down as Aaron thought.

"Hmm, well lucky for you I happen to study up on dragons while I was away. I may know your problem." He smiled but was soon surprised as Spyro shot up, grabbing him by his shirt and lightly shaking him.

"What!? What is it?" His voice carried concern, showing Aaron he desperately needed an answer.

"Well, it's hard to explain, but it's your blood causing this." He spoke, prying his hands off of him.

"My…blood?" He shot a look of confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Your blood, you're a dragon and there are…instincts your body needs to follow, well not survival instincts but custom instincts. Mainly the custom of something has been passed through all dragons; it was practiced so much almost of if by instinct, like it was something passed through blood. That's the best way I can explain it." He looked at him as he thought.

"But…what custom is making me feel like this?"

"The custom of being in a united mateship before actually mating."

"Hmm?" He was confused. "But doesn't mating cause that?"

"No, it's like…being united to that person through a ritual." He responded back, standing up. "Only an elder of the temple or village can do this ritual, I'll go tell Ignitus, if you want."

"Of course I do but…what happens, and what if the elder says no. I heard them saying we are too young."

"Well lucky for you I know how, and you can say I am an elder, well at least by the Chronicler." He smiled as he saw Spyro's face brighten up with his own smile.

"Really, but what elder, I thought there was only Ignitus and the others as the four elements.....and you're human."

"I'll tell you later, but you need something to ask Cynder with. Any jewelry or item of importance will do. Do you have something like that?" Spyro thought for a moment.

"I do have something, my parents, or Sprax's parents brought it while you were gone, saying it was found with me, wrapped around my egg." He rushed off and quickly came back, a gold chain hanging from his teeth. "This!" He said in a muffled voice, Aaron softly took it from it, inspecting in. It was a expertly crafted chain, and hanging from it was a beautiful gold heart, the middle of it was separated into four parts of diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire.

"Wow!" He spoke amazed. "This's amazing! This was found with you?" He asked, handing the necklace back.

"Yes, best I can guess is that it was my mother's." Spyro stared at the necklace closely, rubbing it's smooth surface.

"And you're willing to give that to Cynder?" He smiled, knowing the answer.

"Yes, my mother gave it to me who was important to her, and I'll carry that one by giving it to the most important person to me." He smiled now, feeling that he was doing the right thing.

"You're mother would be proud, but now to plan." They began to talk the time away, coming up with a perfectly romantic way to have Spyro give Cynder the necklace.
Here it is, the long awaited chapter of 15
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So they are going to have Spyro and Cynder get officially married soon?
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Not married more of joined in a romantic ritual that will bond them for life.
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